W… is for writing.

I haven’t been on here in a little while because writing my thesis trumps writing a blog.

However in trundling around the interwebz I’ve discovered some nifty and funny things to help with writing, and I wanted to put them all together:

1) Carl Zimmer’s Index of Banned Words – good, good stuff. It was funny how many of the banned words showed up in the titles of papers in my reference list. For banned words they seem pretty popular!

2) Online Course in Science Journalism – I would like to do this one day if I have time, and decide that a career in the fields of Clinical Neuropsychology and research doesn’t quite fulfil me.

3) How to writing consistently boring scientific literature – I must confess to following many of these steps in my writing, at times. Can I blame years of habit, and perhaps a smidgeon of laziness?

4) How to write a scientific paper, from the Annals of Improbable Research – part of me suspects my research supervisor actually uses this page as a writing guide.

5) Strunk & White’s Elements of Style – a book, not a webpage, but since I first heard of it I’ve been seeing it everywhere. Seems like it’s the go-to book for improving your writing. Somewhere I also think I’ve got Bill Bryson’s Troublesome Words – but I can’t find it.

6) OWL Purdue Online Writing Lab – haven’t used this yet but it looks promising. As does the Paradigm Online Writing Assistant. I found them both here.

Is anyone out there? Do you have any other suggestions for writing guides?


Personality disorders and behavioural management issues in supervisor-student relationships: a qualitative case study

Thesis-writing as a pre-disposing factor to alcoholism

Effective procrastination: meta-analysis and multi-site trial

… TBC…

I have had what is close to an ideal day.

(Sorry if too much info here but) sex, sleep-in, watching IT crowd and Vampire Diaries (guilty pleasure), shopping, run, glass of wine, hot bath… What bliss!

I have also had some wins in my new frugal shopping approach. No more guilt-inducing $150 Country Road dresses for me, at least for the next few months until the thesis is done and I find myself some gainful employment.

So I got this rather sweet dress ($30) from Temt and a most excellent $10 sunhat from Big W:

I now own fourteen dresses – enough to wear a different one every day for two weeks!! I LOVE dresses. They’re a whole outfit in one! And so versatile – you can wear them day or night in any season!

My fourth year in Melbourne and I still haven’t made it to a race day. In theory all the different aspects of it appeal to me: wearing a pretty dress, gambling, alcohol, and horses. However I don’t like risking being rained on, being surrounded by awful drunk people, or hanging about for long hours with not a hell of a lot to do until the next race / bet / drink. God I sound like such a downer. So what! I will stick to going to the tennis, thank you very much, as it has a touch more class to it in my opinion, plus Roger and Rafa and the gang are much more fun to look at than jockeys.

Well the clock is about to tick over to pumpkin o’clock, my man is en route to the bedroom, and I have a thesis to write tomorrow. Bonne nuit!

I like a lot of things. Many of these things start with ‘S’: shoes, shopping, science, sex, schadenfreude, sleep, stars… I like a lot of other things too, that start with all sorts of letters.

This blog may be about all or none of these things.

What I hope to get from blogging:

  • a place to collect all my little digital findings – articles, blogs, shops, things to buy, pretty pictures, fun videos, and the like
  • writing practice
  • a chance to reflect upon and ponder the massive and mundane aspects of life

I can’t promise to stay on topic or have much focus, or to post with any consistency. I don’t fancy my chances of attracting and maintaining much of an audience, and it’s not my priority in doing this. Nonetheless, I wholeheartedly welcome anyone who for some unfathomable reason wants to read, or even better comment on, this blog – and deep down I suspect there is a small part of my socially anxious introverted self that would love an audience! So, hello! Welcome! Take a look around!