All about me:

Here’s the blurb: I’m a twenty-something boring white girl, a born and bred Kiwi studying postgrad Psychology (hopefully not for much longer…) in Melbourne, Australia. I live in a cute but pokey flat with the love of my life. I stick to myself and live quite a bit in my own head. I’m fascinated by / obsessed with all sorts of things, ranging from the predictable and cliched to the obscure and eclectic: shopping, eating, sleeping, music, movies, reading, science, psychology, arts and crafts, exercise, relationships, brains, physics, gaming, facebook stalking, animals (with special mentions to dogs, horses and dugongs), hypochondriasis, atheism, shoes, dresses, books, travel, staying at home, slothfulness, coffee, studying, research, and… more. I basically never get bored. Except at parties – I would rather be at home on the internet taking an online autism test.

From my first post:

What I hope to get from blogging:

  • a place to collect all my little digital findings – articles, blogs, shops, things to buy, pretty pictures, fun videos, and the like
  • writing practice
  • a chance to reflect upon and ponder the massive and mundane aspects of life

I can’t promise to stay on topic or have much focus, or to post with any consistency. I don’t fancy my chances of attracting and maintaining much of an audience, and it’s not my priority in doing this. Nonetheless, I wholeheartedly welcome anyone who for some unfathomable reason wants to read, or even better comment on, this blog – and deep down I suspect there is a small part of my socially anxious introverted self that would love an audience! So, hello! Welcome! Take a look around!