I like a lot of things. Many of these things start with ‘S’: shoes, shopping, science, sex, schadenfreude, sleep, stars… I like a lot of other things too, that start with all sorts of letters.

This blog may be about all or none of these things.

What I hope to get from blogging:

  • a place to collect all my little digital findings – articles, blogs, shops, things to buy, pretty pictures, fun videos, and the like
  • writing practice
  • a chance to reflect upon and ponder the massive and mundane aspects of life

I can’t promise to stay on topic or have much focus, or to post with any consistency. I don’t fancy my chances of attracting and maintaining much of an audience, and it’s not my priority in doing this. Nonetheless, I wholeheartedly welcome anyone who for some unfathomable reason wants to read, or even better comment on, this blog – and deep down I suspect there is a small part of my socially anxious introverted self that would love an audience! So, hello! Welcome! Take a look around!